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I feel like some kind of a supreme being, after I have got a hundred percent in Spec Ops: The Line (: it was the hardest game I have ever played, even harder than Metal Gear Solid 4 and the other seemingly hard games I have played. Now my eyes turned to Binary Domain, which I guess is another after Spec Ops underestimated game of the past year. So far I like the game, altough I am just after the first… um chapter.

And now a question out of the blue, did you guys ever notice that after clearing a level or a chapter in Castlevania, Gabriel the main protagonist walks around and behind him we can see a map of the world. A glorious music plays in the background and everything is awesome, doesn’t he look to you like an American Idol contestant or something?


My name is Gabe Belmont, I slay vampires and other supernatural shiz and I like to talk to my dead wife Marie. My hobby is putting weird masks on my face and killing innocent people. Vote for me.


Yes I have finally started Castlevania too, to Ratacz’s enjoyement as he tried to entice me into playing this for like a month now. Right now I am at where I have ended this game three years ago, after the Ice Titan. However, now I have chosen harder difficulty and I have more food and drinks just in case I got bored. I am grateful to people who waste their time making collectibles for people like me, as I would have to dig out my eyes trying to find everything in this game.

Anyways, I would like to encourage you guys to try Spec Ops: The Line on FUBAR difficulty, it is only then that the game becomes really amazing, abrutply appearing enemies known from other games are weak shit in comparison to this game’s soldiers whom you can see from a hundred yards. Oh I forgot I even wanted to play Medal of Honor (2010), but it ended on ‘wanted’. ;p



Yeah, both Christmas and New Year’s Eve’s are behind us and I am really sorry for not writing any ‘best wishes’ or anything here, but I have been busy playing games, attending meetings and being at parties, the latter things do not include gaming in their schedule, but who cares, right? Anyway, I feel like a psycho, during the free week I have managed to get plat/100% in only a few games, but still I feel like some kind of a robot, I wonder how people like Hakoom or duck360 do it and still retain their sanity. For a moment I thought I have lost it somewhere there while getting a plat in Splatterhouse, but I quickly recovered after parting myself from my console for a week. I’d love to thank my girlfriend for that ;d

By the way, many of you probably did not even played Spec Ops: The Line due to the poor reviews it has got, but you should try it, the game has a great story and a cool plot twist behind it. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand totally fucked up difficulty for real hardcores, yup I am talking about the infamous FUBAR difficulty, I still have not finished the game as it drives me crazy, but this makes the game and the plat worth a try, well it is not as frustrating and annoying as New York Minute Hardcore, but I think that is a good thing to say.

Oh yeah, I have heard that Visceral Games will be putting Hardcore Mode in the newest installment of Dead Space, this has made the game worth a try, especially when we combine this with the opportunity to play the game cooperatively. What can be more fun than letting Zakkusu be eaten by a Necromorph on purpose, right? Except letting him die more than a hundred times, I can’t wait to get my hands on the game, and on Revengeance even tough I did not like Bayonetta that much, Raiden makes me want to try his game just as much as I want to let a friend die in DS3.

Right, one last thing maybe I will do some recording with a friend when I get myself be scared to death while playing some fucked up horror games. I bet you’ll like it.


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